Adult Educational Program

Adult Educational Program


CVC Fall 2016 Adult Sunday School Class Schedule

The following is our schedule for the Fall Adult Sunday School Class focusing on the book, The Drama of Scripture: Finding Our Place in the Story of the Bible. This schedule includes reading in the book and related Bible readings.

Copies of the book cost $10.  See Dave Viehman for a book and more information.  The Adult Sunday School Class meets in the Library at 9am.

Week One (9/11/16):  Prologue: Importance of Understanding the Bible as One Story,   Reading: Drama, 17-23

Week Two (9/18/16):  Acts One and Two: Creation and Fall,   Reading: Drama, 25-43,  Bible Reading:  Genesis 1; 3:1-6.

Week Three (9/25/16):  Act Three: Scene One: A People for the King (Genesis),   Reading: Drama, 45-58,  Bible Reading: Genesis 6-9, 12.

Week Four (10/2/16):  Act Three: Scene One: A People for the King (Exodus-Deuteronomy),  Reading: Drama, 58-80,  Bible Reading:  Exodus 5-14.

Week Five (10/9/16):  Act Three: Scene Two: A Land for the People (Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings, Ezra-Nehemiah),   Reading: Drama, 80-117,  Bible Reading:  Josh.23-24; Judges 2; 2 Sam.5-8, 2 Kings 17:7-23.

Week Six (10/16/16):  Interlude: Intertestamental Period,  Reading: Drama, 119-134

Week Seven (10/23/16):  Act Four: Jesus’ Kingdom Mission,   Reading: Drama, 135-164, Bible Reading:  Mark 1-3, 14-16.

Week Eight (10/30/16):  Central Events of Story: Cross, Resurrection, Exaltation, Pentecost,   Reading: Drama, 164-184,  Bible Reading: Luke 22-24, Acts 1-2.

Week Nine (11/6/16):  Act Five: Scene One: From Jerusalem to Rome (Acts and Paul),   Reading: Drama, 185-212,   Bible Reading:  Acts 3-9, Rom.1-3.

Week Ten (11/13/16):  Act Five: Scene Two: And Into All the World  (Our Place in the Story),   Reading: Drama, 212–225,  Bible Reading: Ephesians 1-2.

Week Eleven (11/20/16):  Act Six: New Creation,   Reading: Drama, 227-234,  Bible Reading: Revelation 21, 22.