Matthew 2:1-18 Four Kings, Three Wise Men and a Fool

In the continuing Advent series on the characters of Christmas, Pastor Leonard discusses the story of the Wise Men in his sermon, “Four Kings, Three Wise Men, and a Fool.” French mathematician Blaise Pascal noted that there are three kinds of men, those who have found God and serve Him, those who have not found and do not seek, and those who seek and have not found. Each Christmas we are faced with this question: “What do we do with Jesus?” Whether we seek an answer to this question will make the difference between being wise or foolish. The Wise Men are a good role model for modern seekers. Yet most of what we know about them in popular culture and in Christian culture is incorrect: they did not come at Christmas with the shepherds; they were not kings, they didn’t ride on camels; there were not just three of them; and they did not follow a star from Persia to Bethlehem. To get the facts straight and to learn more about how these pagan magician’s and astrologer’s search led them to Jesus, listen to this instructive sermon.


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