Malachi 3 I Have Loved Thee

A real danger in a storm is when a tree has rotted from the inside out. It may look tall and majestic, but it cannot stand the buffeting of the wind. The same is true in our lives. We may have all the pretense of spirituality, but our actions show an inner complacency and contempt. It is this scenario that Pastor Leonard explores in his sermon on Malachi, the conclusion of our series on the Minor Prophets. Too often we don’t see ourselves clearly. We can test the state of our spiritual core by asking three questions: Is God my top priority in worship and giving? 2. How is my love of my enemy and my spouse? 3. How seriously do I take truth, the distinction between right and wrong? If we are weak in our answers to these questions, it is because we fail to take seriously the goodness and greatness of God. Malachi’s admonition is to return to God by embracing his grace. He is waiting.


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