I Corinthians 1:10-18 Keeping it Together!

In the second sermon in the series from I Corinthians, “Counter Current: Living Out of God’s Grace in Difficult Circumstances,” Pastor John Leonard explores what Paul considered a high priority crisis in the Corinthian church. The church was full of problems from blatant sexual sins to doctrinal heresy. But the foundational problem Paul addresses their divisive spirit. He considers this to be the source of most of the other problems. Like a boat with a hole in its side, one must stop the leak before bailing. Paul calls the church to unity, but not unity at all cost but unity on essential truths and a repentant spirit open to righteousness. We live in a partisan age, where a party spirit is a common experience both in our marriages and in our churches. Paul calls us to take this seriously because it breaks the heart of God, destroys our witness to others, and is the source of many other evils.