Yannik & Erin Imbert

Yannik attended CVC while a graduate student at Westminster Theological Seminary. He returned to France in 2009 in order to teach apologetics and church history at the Faculte Libre de Theologie Reformee. This seminary develops a theology that is faithful to the truth of the Bible, teaches theology in a contemporary way, and prepares witnesses to the truth for the edification and renewal of the Church Body of Christ to the glory of God and thus honor the name of Jesus Christ. CVC has financially and prayerfully supported Yannik since he returned to France. To learn more about the seminary and its ministry, visit their website.

Jason Kueh & Ai Tsukamoto, Serge, Japan

Betsy Lawler, Serge, Spain

Whosoever Gospel Mission

The Whosoever Gospel Mission is a Christian nonprofit organization whose purpose is to provide shelter, food, clothing, education, counseling, rehabilitation and other assistance to homeless and/or needy men, women, and children in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area. As the lighted sign on its rooftop proclaims each night, it seeks to offer the love of Jesus and the hope of the Gospel in both word and deed to those who are hurting. CVC has partnered with Whosoever Gospel Mission through providing meals and church services, financial gifts and volunteering help in the thrift store. Other needs of the organization include canned food, clothing, and tutors. To find more information about Whosoever Gospel Mission, please visit their website.