Children’s Programs

At Cresheim Valley Church we seek to

cvc2016 (12 of 42)Partner with parents to nurture children in the knowledge and the love of God

Provide a safe and loving environment where parents will feel comfortable leaving their children in our care.

Educate children in the Scriptures, basic tenants of the Christian faith, church music, and support Bible memorization.

Let every child who walks into our church know how deeply Jesus loves them.

Cresheim Valley Church has one of the best and most dedicated groups of teachers for our Childrens’ programs. Our teachers are called to this work and love children.

Our Children’s Sunday School Program is overseen by Robin Sommers and our Nursery and Children’s Church program is lead by Carol Fenley.

cvc2016 (29 of 42)Nursery

There is a clean and well staffed nursery available for all services that will allow you to worship without worrying.  There are safety and security policies in place so that you will know your child will be well cared for and that they are in good hands!

cvc2016 (19 of 42)Music Program

Our children enhance our service with music several times a year. Your child will be enriched by the fun and enthusiastic way they are taught music. Children are taught to sing hymns and learn to sing in parts.

cvc2016 (8 of 42)Children Learn to Worship in our Children’s Church

In Children’s Church our staff uses the curriculum Teach Me to Worship. It allows children to interact with Bible lessons and is designed to model the worship service.  You child will learn to love God and worship Him.

Sunday School

There is Sunday School for children from cvc2016 (9 of 42)age 3 through high school and there is a Sunday School nursery. The curriculum us is Great Commission Publications. Classes include Bible teaching, music and Scripture memory.

4th t0 6th Grade Youth Group

Families share a meal together while the children meet for fun, fellowship and spiritual enrichment. The group also meets for activities. These activities can be anything from a fun outing to a service project. Parents are always welcome to come along.




We are back in the Epiphany Chapel at SCHA! Sunday School: 9:30am & Worship: 10:45am