At Cresheim Valley Church, we “celebrate grace.”  In the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we find e08a7ca6-dc52-4357-a525-88a08041efbfthat grace means God has given Himself to us in Jesus Christ and in the Holy Spirit.  But the grace of God goes even further.  In grace, God also engages us to participate in the work God is doing here, on earth, right now!

The key way we participate with God is in serving others as God has Himself served us.  We can think of our participation with God in this world through serving in our local church, our community and the wider world.

For opportunities to participate with God by serving Cresheim Valley Church, please click on SERVING AT CVC in the pull-down menu.

For opportunities to serve in our local communities of Chestnut Hill, Mt. Airy and surrounding areas, please click on SERVING OUR COMMUNITIES in the pull-down menu.

For opportunities to serve in the wider world, please contact Pastor Leonard, [email protected]


There is no Adult Sunday School during the month of August. It will resume September 4th at 9:30am.