Bible Reading

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The study of God’s word can be compared to the cogs in a watch. There are large cogs, medium sizes, and smaller ones. The large cog moves the hand that gives the hour and its moves slowly. The next cog moves the minute hand which moves much faster than the large cog, while the smallest cog moves the second hand and moves faster than all the others. Such it is when reading the word of God. Some parts are much longer and more drawn out, while others give immediate, or perhaps, more perceptibly practical help for everyday life.

However, in order to know the time on a clock it is fundamentally necessary to have the larger cog. For some this is the Old Testament. It is larger, longer, more drawn out, and offers the reader a greater challenge to understand because it spans more time, people, events, and teaching. But just like a watch, it is not possible to know the time without the hour hand, so it is with the Old Testament and the New. Without the Old Testament it would be immensely difficult to understand the New Testament because of the fulfilled prophecies and detailed explanation of the necessity of the atonement. So it would be with the Old without the New, the longings and desires of God’s salvation would be left unmet. The entire canon of scripture, Old and New give the reader a comprehensive account of God’s redemptive acts in history, but not simply as a witness to it, but as the very Word of God. This act of revelation by God to mankind is therefore precious, profitable, and should be carefully studied. In this sense, if God has given his word in a diverse manner, such that some parts are longer and more detailed than others, then perhaps we ought to layout our reading of it accordingly.

A final word. The best reading of the Bible is to absorb whole sections, stories, or epistles in one sitting. For example, the reward of reading the epistle to the Hebrews in one sitting cannot be understated. However, as with every plan that exists, it is a matter of trying to logically and profitably fit quality reading into short and manageable amounts of time. Therefore, at times the reading sometimes seems hard because you are working through a large discourse of genealogies, but that is part of God’s word. Enjoy.

Download Bible Reading “Plan Gimmel” Calendar


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