Our Values

Our Values

Our Mission

We are an orthodox, grace-filled community that engages our neighborhood, our city, and the world for Jesus Christ.


Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is our gracious Savior and Lord. Our passion is to love him and follow him in all of life, and to see this passion embraced by all peoples.

The Bible is essential to us because it teaches us about Christ and how God’s grace empowers us to live by faith in every circumstance of life. Therefore, we preach through books of the Bible in an in-depth and relevant way.

We embrace the historic Christian faith (as summarized in the great ecumenical creeds) and our Reformed and Presbyterian heritage. Our desire is that our doctrine would inspire us to a greater faith, hope, and love as we seek to honor God.

We desire to worship God both joyfully, as we celebrate God’s grace found in Jesus Christ, and reverently, as we honor him as our Heavenly Father. In our public worship services we are committed to incorporating sacred music, confession, hymns, prayers, the sacraments, and ancient elements of the Christian faith.

Grace Filled Community

We aspire to be a community of grace, where each of us “as broken, hurting, sinful people” find forgiveness, healing, and hope in Jesus Christ. Therefore, we want to extend this grace to all, knowing that no one is beyond God’s reach. Christ’s grace is not restricted to any one people. As an expression of the power of his grace, we aspire to be a community that reflects the diversity of our neighborhoods and is united by our common identity as followers of Jesus Christ.

The grace of Christ is given to each one of his followers for service in a local church. This means every member is indispensable to our community, as a person who is uniquely gifted. Thus, we encourage our members to actively participate in the life of the church as they discover and cultivate their passion and gifts for ministry.

As a response to Christ’s grace, we aspire to be a family characterized by love, joy, spiritual friendship, and compassionate pastoral care. Thus, we value ministry that welcomes children, youth and adults, both married and unmarried, into the family of God, where we enjoy each other and together delight in our Lord.

Engaging Life

We desire to be a community that prays together, seeking God’s will (not our own) as we engage His world. All of life is sacred. Thus, we encourage our members to view their home, work, and social lives as a calling to live out their faith. We further encourage participation in the arts and sciences, in civil, social, and humanitarian service as an act of worship to God. As we do this, we aspire to apply the good news of Jesus Christ in creative and unconventional ways.

We desire to serve our neighborhoods in the name of Jesus Christ for the betterment of all. Thus, we are open to working with other groups who share our social and civic concerns but not necessarily our theological commitments.

Christ calls us to share his gifts with all people. Therefore, we desire to have a worldwide vision and to actively seek opportunities to serve in the most needy places on earth.


June 16th will be our last Sunday in the Epiphany chapel. The following Sunday, June 23rd, we will be in the middle school building at the lower campus (8000 Cherokee St, Philadelphia, PA 19118).