Community Groups

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Why Community Groups?

God has called us to be a true community of faith:

  1. A place where broken individuals and families come together to find healing and restoration in Christ
  2. A place where we grow together into a family of faith that has a passion for the supremacy of Christ in all things
  3. A place where we bear one another’s burdens and serve our neighborhoods in love
  4. A place where close spiritual friendships are formed based on trust and integrity

What are Community Groups?

Community groups are gatherings of 8-15 people who meet regularly for fellowship, Bible-based discussion, and prayer.

What are our Goals?

  1. That every member and regular attender would be involved in a group in their neighborhood
  2. That community groups would serve to connect our neighbors to Cresheim Valley Church and ultimately to Christ

For general information about this ministry of our church and to find a community group in your area, please contact David Viehman,